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At Hearing Solutions we follow procedures to ensure that you hear as well as technology will allow. We represent all of the major hearing instrument manufacturers.

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Welcome to Hearing Solutions of North Georgia

At Hearing Solutions of North Georgia, we specialize in follow-up care.  We believe you should be hearing as well as hearing technology will allow. This is exactly why we do this at no extra expense to you.  All of your batteries, follow-up care, and supplies are all included when you join our practice.  This is our way of saying, “Welcome to the family!”

Early detection is critical.  Schedule an appointment now for a Wellness Screening.

Not sure if you have hearing loss?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions we may be able to help.

Misunderstand conversations?

Ask people to repeat certain words?

Avoid social situations where you find it harder to hear or understand?

Turn up the TV or radio so loud that it annoys others?

Have ringing, roaring or buzzing in your ears?

Think people mumble?

Hear better in one ear than the other?

Find women’s and children’s voices difficult to hear?

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